Sydney catches up to New York and London as Beau Brummell Introductions brings romance back to the gay community.

Australia’s first dating agency elusively to gay males has already struck a chord in Sydney ‘Two weeks ago, we introduced you to Vinko and Andrea of the recently launched Beau Brummell Introductions (www., Australias first matchmaking service devoted exclusively to gay men. We place enormous value and importance on sharing our life with someone and we applaud the pair for dedicating their time to something that has that old fashioned quality. A sense of romance

and a focus on the importance of long-term relationships is integral to the gay community. With the plethora of sites and services catering to gay men looking to meet other gay men, it’s hard to believe that until now Australia hasn’t had an agency that provides a proper matchmaking service for this demographic.
While services such as Gaydar make it easy for gay men to meet up, no company has previously concentrated their efforts on the introduction of compatible gay males with a view to finding a meaningful long- term relationship.

These days it’s considered chic and de rigueur to have your own matchmaker. The trend has taken off so much around the world that for busy people it’s just another means of saving themselves valuable time and streamlining their life. Much like having life coach, matchmakers are almost akin to personal trainer for your private life.
Operating on a highly personal and exclusive level where owners Vinko and Andrea meet every candidate face to face before embarking on the search for their perfect counterpart, Beau Brummell caters to gay males looking for serious commitment. They ask the right questions, really listen to what cliens desire, and do

their research to find that elusive ideal match.
By virtue of its carefully constructed website and marketing, the business attracts candidates of the same morals, values and aspirations – that is, gay men who want a lasting relationship but are simply too busy to find one and are often disillusioned with trawling bars or the quintessential gay scene itself. With the launch of Beau Brummell Introductions Sydney finally seems to be catching up to New York and London in this area. We can only hope that gay marriage is next on the agenda. – Georgia Bennett