Light My Fire

How one couple is bringing romance back to the community. Meet the men behind Beau Brummell Introductions, Australia’s first introduction service for
gay men. By Daniel Chamberlain.

Vinko Anthony and Andrea Zaza have the passion and the right formula co reignite the romance flame for Aussie gay man. “What’s important than finding love, and a relationship that ideally will last forever? We all want to find our soulmate but it’s a dream that eludes many of us”, the men tell SX. Vinko and Andrea are perceptive and spend time with people until they get to know them, talking about their lives, needs and wants, to help them to achieve this. Inspired by their own love story, the couple have recently launched Beau Brummell Introductions Australia’s first introduction service for gay men, devoted solely to the pursuit of finding long-term love for gay men looking for a committed relationship. The service is extremely personal with Vinko and Andrea meeting every potential client and conducting interviews face-to-face, never online. This allows them to get to the heart of every individual’s lifestyle, tastes and desires in order to find that one perfect match. As Zaza explains, matchmaking is not a textbook formula. “It takes a lot more than knowing if someone is a smoker or not,” Vinko says. “It’s about being able  to understand people and knowing what they are really looking for. Our talent lies in personally matching compatible men who complement each other, have the same values and share a similar long-term vision for their lives. “We looked at things that have been taken away from the gay community. Dinner dates and old-fashioned dating just do not happen anymore. It’s exciting when your heart beats stronger after the first date and you are waiting for phone to ring. “Finding that long-term relationship has

become a lot more difficult,” Adnrea adds. “Everyone is working on their bodies, on their minds, their success, and they forget about the most important thing in life – that is, who are going to share the rest of your life with.” Admitting that while he may be a little too romantic himself, Andrea believes we have lost personal contact with people – the human touch. “We spend so many hours on computers and technological devices that it drains the joy and romance out of our lives.” Vinko say that clients who access Beau Brummell Instructions will receive  one-on-one, personalized service. “We ask all sorts of questions and we mentor people before and after each date.” “It’s like cutting down the first ten dates and finding the right person that would be suitable,” Andrea adds. The name is inspired by the actual Beau Brummell, an 18th century icon who became known as the arbiter of men’s fashion in Regency England. “He was a man of great wit, style and enormous charm. It is Brummell’s polished, meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the finer things in life that inspired the name and vision of our agency,” Andrea says. With the gay marriage debate heating up both in Australia and overseas, Andrea believes that getting the legislation passed will be a big step in bringing a real commitment between gay couples towards each other and bringing romance back to the community. “It will allow people to become more open with their lives. There will be a lot more dinners and flowers because they will feel more comfortable to be themselves. We wish for everyone to experience love.”