In a creative industry we are met by colourful individuals and a salon that takes on many moods. Hairdressers are forever cited the ‘accidental counsellor in a role that goes beyond just appearance and into the realm of their client’s relationships – while you may be an expert on others,’ , perfecting your own can be challenging. Couple this with long-hours and a rock star schedule(for some finding the ideal partner can be difficult If you’re like some hairdressers | know at the top end of town whether you’re in a salon or with an agency, for a lot of the year you can be on a plane chasing fashion weeks or at the domestic terminal post yet another educational seminar. This leaves little time for getting out there and meeting new people which leads me to the universal problem in an increasingly time-poor society: and that’s a lack of opportunity to get outside of our comfort zone. Regardless of how busy or ‘out there’ we are, the opportunity to meet people is increasingly difficult. We are so career driven that unless we are dedicating specific time to it, we all need a bit of a helping hand improving our personal lives. There’s no denying there has been a rapid surge in the number of members of online dating sites, however what these sites severely lack is the personal touch, the human spirit that is only understood when shared face to face with people in sight of a common goal. A true introduction agency is built on the personal service and a philosophy upheld by so finding a date. It was after sitting down for lunch with partners Andrea Zaza and Vinko much more than just Anthony(the creators of Beau Brummell introductions) that I began to realize the suitability of their agency to an industry like hairdressing. Sorry ladies, as beautiful as you may be, Beau Brummell is a personalized platform for men seeking unique relationships with other men. While it is often just the stereotypical cliché that a salon is plagued with famboyant men – yes some may be, but regardless we are an industry that is made up of an unmatchable framework of individuals. As a hairdresser you
seek recognition for your work and in almost everything you do. You are an expert on other people’s lives and helping others and leave little time for your own. This is why Beau Brummell has become so successful – down to the simple fact that there are a lot of successful people out there, many who are bogged down running their own business and managing a company, so their opportunities for networking are slim. Croatian born Vinko and Italian born Andrea share a passion for life and business since a dreamy meet in Dubrovnik while on vacation

since settling back in Sydney they noticed Australia really lacked a
personal service like Beau Brummell “Our clients seek commitment to a relationship first and foremost and many have tried to meet men through traditional pathways which is not very successful when it comes to finding true life partner, said Vinko. The launch of the business was very timely for the gay community,right when the landmark decision was passed to allow gay marriage in New York. “As proud gay men we see this as such a significant step,” Vinko said, As you’d expect from a boutique agency,the service is very personal
– they meet with every potential client face to face which really allows them to understand their lifestyle and desires. Following this Andrea and Vinko actually ‘date’their clients, arranging a series of catch ups, dinners out, dinner in or at their home, all in aspiration to be able to connect their clients with their perfect partner. “We have really gained some traction in the last six months especially
and continue to think of ways to make the experience for each of our clients unique. We are very careful not to take on someone who we know doesn’t suit the service we offer or whom we will have difficulty finding a match for,’ Vinko said. In case you were wondering why the name, Beau Brummell – for Vinko and Anthony the name had to represent an ideal approach to life – a style inspired by 18th century born, Beau Brummell. Beau became known as the arbiter of men’s fashion in Regency England and is credited with establishing the modern man’s trend towards suits, worn with a tie. Of great wit, style and enormous charm, he was considered an authority on dress and etiquette. “Its Brummell’s polish, meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the finer things in life which inspired the name and vision of the agency,” said Vinko. This charm is as effervescent upon meeting Vinko and Andrea – they both carry a complementary energy and drive in business and life and really understanding what it takes to create a meaningful relationship. With many of their clients having ‘been there done that not only have they enjoyed the new social circles since becoming part of the agency, but also the ultimate goal of finding someone special. Next time you see three men out on a dinner, seemingly caught in the moment. It might just be Sydney’s leading men’s dating agency helping another successful gent to find happiness they never thought possible.