What Makes a Healthy Happy Long-Term Relationship






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What Makes a Healthy Happy Long-Term Relationship

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After the first few months of a relationship, you can get into what we call a relationship rut. It’s the slightly boring period that comes when the exciting beginnings of your relationship are done. Dating is always nice but juggling time and energy between your commitments to your partner, your family, and your job becomes difficult. There can be times that you get into some ‘old married couple’ habits. Many who go down this path can start rethinking their relationship choices. To keep your long-term relationship strong, here are a few tips:

  1. Be honest

Try not to hide anything from your partner. It doesn’t matter what it is, your thoughts, issues, or things you just don’t want to think about. Hiding things can start making rifts between the two of you. Your partner can help you with any struggle you’re facing in the same way you’re prepared to help them. Talk to him about your worries, your fears, or just how the day went for you. 

The mere intent of hiding things can undermine the strength of your relationship. It’s best to face the truth of your feelings as early and as honestly as possible. If you’re finding yourself hiding away from some part of reality, take some time to focus and deal with it. Know that your partner is there for you too. Talking to him can get you through any personal troubles you may have.

  1. Remove communication barriers

An honest and open relationship relies on good communication channels. Find a medium that works well with the two of you. Try to find a compromise if there’s anything that doesn’t sit well with either of you.

  1. Check in on your relationships

Relationship problems can often be found before they become too big to handle. It helps to talk regularly about how the two of you think your relationship is going and find some room for improvement.

Make sure you and your man have a regular relationship check-in once every two weeks. You can talk about the things that you appreciated about each other both big and small. You then talk about the things you think you can improve on and discuss how you can get better. Finish up with some appreciation for each other for taking the time to talk and a bit of wine to celebrate another two weeks.

  1. Respect boundaries and privacy

Modern technology has given us all the ability to be in constant contact with each other. While the means to constantly track your partner is available, understand that people need their privacy too. Let him be where he needs to be and trust him to always come back to you. At the same time, he may have things that he doesn’t want to do. Don’t push his boundaries to their 

limits without an important reason. You’ll damage his trust for you that way. Treat each other like how you would want to be treated and you’ll be fine.

  1. Have healthy conflicts

 People fight. That’s just a fact of life and relationships. People who expect a perfect relationship with no conflicts will see the end of their relationship at their first fight. Learn how to resolve conflicts and differences in a healthy manner and always talk to him first.

When you fight, discuss your feelings about your partner and your relationship first. Discuss what happened, stick to the facts, and tell your partner how you feel about what happened. The blame game is dangerous here. Understand that what you hate is what happened, not him. He is not an enemy when you argue. You are both facing the same problem together. Know that it could be anyone’s fault, even you. 

Be open to your own faults just as he should be open to his and apologize when needed. Don’t dwell in the past. Instead, focus on being better for the future. After you fight, reconnect with your partner. Tensions can damage emotional bonds so take some time to repair them. 


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