Beau Brummell Introductions’ unique individualised matching system currently boasts an 87% success rate. Our personally tailored service has matched more than 1500 couples during the past eight years. Our burgeoning client base allows us to make an ideal match whatever your relationship goals are. See our track record in some of our favourite success stories and testimonials…




We’re so proud of this match. And it was a great pleasure meeting and matching such special men. As soon as we met Michael C we knew Michael T was the perfect man for him. And after a few dates, we were proven right! This blissfully happy couple have also become true friends.

Bringing happiness to such special people brings us great joy. To change people’s lives is a humbling experience and for us both priceless and part of our everyday Beau Brummell experience.




Adam and Joe’s story is truly inspiring. Adam met Joe on his second date with BBI.  He knew right away that Joe was the man of his dreams. After a whirlwind romance, we are proud to say that Adam and Joe are now engaged, with a wedding planned in Europe in the near future.

This exemplifies Beau Brummell Introductions’ ethos: we are devoted to supporting the love and partnership aspiration of each and every one of our clients and we take pleasure in the happiness we can help create with the perfect connection.




After getting to know Adam and Chris as individuals, it was instantly obvious that they were fully committed to the process of finding their match, which only makes our role so much easier. For Adam, it was a second attempt at finding Mr Right. He dated his first BBI introduction for six months, after which we matched him with Chris and it was an instant success – love at first sight!

Chris and Adam’s match perfectly demonstrates the Beau Brummell gay matchmaking and gay dating process. We support and consult all our members throughout their matching and dating experience. We give each client ongoing consultation and this allows us to provide more refined matches if needed. If Adam hadn’t committed and invested himself in the entire introduction process he wouldn’t have found Chris – the love of his life.


  • Stop worrying about me for the moment – you hit the mark with introducing me to John……. We have had our 5th date and things could not be better. In every way imaginable. Thank you. I am very happy and I can feel that he is as well. I just want to finish the year off and take a long holiday for the whole of December and January together with John. Very hard to find the energy to work and concentrate on anything else but him. We will both keep you posted and stay in touch – well done boys!!!

    Gavin / Melbourne
    Gavin / Melbourne 33 years old
  • A few years after my separation from a long-term relationship I was finally ready to move on. I had no idea how and what was the best thing for me. I didn’t feel comfortable and want to use the online services or spend my weekends in the bar as this is not me. I like my privacy and to be honest I didn’t want my time to be wasted – I wanted someone to look after me in a more of a professional, personal manner. So one day I googled Gay Match Making Service and Beau Brummell Introductions came up. As soon as I read the website I knew I had found the right business to l look after me. In my professional world I also use professional services to find the right staff for me so why not the same concept to find that someone special for me. Contacting BBI was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I first contacted, Vinko returned my call the following day and we had a great chat on the phone, it would have taken an hour or so – this followed by a meeting face to face. After our face to face meeting, both parties were happy to continue working together. This is where the fun started as from here I had three dates with Vinko and Andrea – we shared stories together and spent time getting to know each other. I enjoyed this very much and felt comfortable in their company. Two weeks later I was on my first date, believe it or not, this was the only date I have had with BBI. Michael was the first and only person I have met through BBI after carefully choosing from the list of profiles Vinko and Andrea sent me and following their advice we corresponded with Michael back and forth a few times to know we were all on the same page. When we were sure it was the right introduction – the phone numbers were exchanged, the date was organised, we went to the Art Gallery and talked for about an hour. The first date was short and sweet per the boy's suggestion. Needless to say, there was another date a few days later and 2 months into meeting Michael we took a holiday together. Six months later we moved in together.

    Peter / Elwood
    Peter / Elwood 51 years old
  • I’m so glad you’re feeling in the zone of things, and getting up into the creative / fun layer of things. You have such a complex job because it is so personal – and you are the ‘instrument’ of things, so to speak. I appreciate what you do for me. Hugs and kisses, and much love to you too XX

    William / Melbourne
    William / Melbourne 48 years old
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to Jonah – he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type! We are now attached at the hip and head over heels for each other. Its been almost two years since we met through Beau Brummell thanks to you and Andrea. I would have never met him without your wonderful service. You gave it 4 good goes before Jonah, and they were all nice guys but not for me, but this time you got it right and he won my heart. Please consider my membership cancelled, you have done more than a great job. Thank you. We will keep you posted on upcoming wedding bells!

    William / Sydney
    William / Sydney 34 years old
  • Hi Vinko, just wanted to let you know that Michael asked me to move in together last night. It was one of the most beautiful and romantic evenings that I have ever had. Of course, I said yes – it was like someone asking me to marry them. Very sweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing us – it is certainly the best relationship I have ever had – and to say that at the age of 44 is something. Maybe I am at my best as well and it is all just perfect timing. Michael is a perfect partner for me – we just fit on all levels and life is just easy. I feel like my heart and my soul has found my forever… Fingers crossed. Thank you.

    Michael & Peter / Country NSW
    Michael & Peter / Country NSW 44 & 38 years old
  • Good morning Vinko and Andrea, I just though I would drop you a line as I often think about this and with what you do everyday I think it is important to share it with you. I appreciate you being there for me on this journey. This is as much as a learning experience for me as it is an adventure – at times scary and at times exciting. Whatever I am feeling you are there to guide me with your love and honesty. I have never felt uncomfortable, even when I was uncertain about things. I know that all the decisions are mine in the end, but having someone to talk them through and discuss, get your expertise and thoughts has been incredibly valuable. Just to get another perspective is important to me. So thank you so much for what you do, not just for me but for so many men out there who until you came along had no idea or had any avenues to meet people with their busy lifestyles. I would also like you to know that I am happy to speak to anyone that might be considering BBI and give them my experience and a testimonial in person so they can have a perspective from someone who has been a member. Just a thought…. Wish you all the best with your business and all the success.

    Robert / Surry Hills
    Robert / Surry Hills 50 years old
  • We're already getting so close with daily contact (one and a half hour wonderful talks almost every night) and have fallen in love. I think when one is older there's less beating around the bush, and a greater willingness to work on it. We're ONE. I am very, very grateful to you boys. This city can be hard to find someone as we live busy lifestyles, I am thrilled Vinko was so convincing and passionate, he is right… if you are serious about long term, monogamous relationships and are a busy person, your chances at Beau Brummell are far greater than anywhere else.

    Peter, Hong Kong
    Peter, Hong Kong 42 years old
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to Jonathon – he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type! We are now attached at the hip and head over heels for each other. I would have never met him without your wonderful service. You’ve matched me with some great men, but this one won my heart. Please put my membership on hold, and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming wedding bells! Yes, we are talking about it … its very exciting.

    Ashley, Perth - WA
    Ashley, Perth - WA 34 years old
  • Good morning Gentlemen and Stephanie! I often have this thought and want to make sure you know this. I so appreciate you being there as I travel this road. This has been such an incredible adventure and learning experience.... both exciting and scary at the same time! It is wonderful having you there to help guide me. I know the decisions are mine, but having someone to talk to for a reality check and another perspective is invaluable. So, thank you both so much for what you do. I have also thought, if it ever comes up, that I would be delighted to speak with anyone who is considering BBI but just wants a testimonial or perspective from someone who has been a member. Just a thought…I would love to let them know it will be the best 5K they will ever spend. Have a wonderful day!  

    Adam, Melbourne
    Adam, Melbourne 38 years old
  • Pete is truly amazing. A 10+. Smart, funny, down to earth, adventurous and family oriented.  Up to now, I have had such a hard time finding someone who would like to start a family and commit on this level...We have the same values and last but not least, he is GORGEOUS and we have this amazing sexual chemistry.  I can't wait to see him again." 

    William, Flight attendant, Sydney
    William, Flight attendant, Sydney 37 years old
  • Hi Vinko, Michael and I have been having such a great time together. We love the outdoors and we both enjoy hiking trips to exciting and unusual places. I will keep you posted as we are on 'hold' and looking forward to a lifetime together. Thank you BBI Team for creating us. Here are a few photos for you. 

    Mike, Entrepreneur, Brisbane
    Mike, Entrepreneur, Brisbane 30 years old
  • I am writing to ask that you don’t work on any new introductions for me at this time. I believe you hit the mark with the introduction to Greg. Greg and I are continuing to see each other and I think it is safe to say that we plan to see where this takes us. I am incredibly happy with him in every way. Thank you both! I will keep in touch.

    Samuel, Healthcare, New Zealand
    Samuel, Healthcare, New Zealand 35 years old
  • Second date with Peter… WOW. I didn’t know if you knew my passion is writing. I have not had someone inspire me to write anything in as long as I can remember. He has. There will definitely be a third date - and thank you, thank you for insisting we have a second date, as I was not convinced after the first. Having somebody looking after your interest with this part of your life is definitely a great idea; it just took me a while to get my head around the investment. Definitely worth it.

    Edward, Entrepreneur, Adelaide
    Edward, Entrepreneur, Adelaide 55 years old
  • OMG.... James is THE most wonderful man I have met in a long time. I love him. Seriously.... We spent 8 hours together; seeing each other again next weekend. Texting every night and day. #callmecompletelysmitten Wow, amazing, giddy, dumbfounded, light headed, tingling.....think he is THE perfect match for me..... Not sure I can sleep. Hope he feels the same…. please find out and let me know…… Excited!

    Tom, Lawyer - Hong Kong
    Tom, Lawyer - Hong Kong 41 years old
  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am thus far with your work and Beau Brummell. Where was this service 20 years ago? I first spoke with Stephanie and her warmth, candor and transparency inspired trust and hope! I have worked with another similar Matchmaking service (in London) and was less than impressed with the results and service, so was quite sceptical about trying this again, but my parents were happy as I returned home to run the property. After initial chat, I arranged to come to Sydney to meet with Vinko and Andrea. We had a really lovely long meeting, warmth, humour, sincerity and understanding pervaded and I left feeling cautiously optimistic that you had ‘heard’ and listened to me! I have now had 2 introductions and you are ‘2 out of 2’! Both gentlemen, are exactly that -  ‘gentlemen’ – they are exactly what I had wished for –  I was beginning to believe that they did not exist on this planet of ours! No more dates, Michael and I will continue as we are both excited where to this may lead. You have restored my faith in love. I thank you all.

    David, Doctor, regional NSW
    David, Doctor, regional NSW 41 years old
  • ‘Chemistry’ is so hard to predict, but you presented me with what I described could work. They are attractive, appealing to me, smart, educated, kind, humorous, driven and successful interesting men who have body hair!! (I cant help it, but this is a huge + for me). So far a great experience, thank you Beau Brummell, can’t wait to be announcing great news very soon, I can feel it is going to happen. It is a process and a journey that I am enjoying – Andrea is superb, and also handsome himself, easy to work with! He is responsive, a pleasure to speak with always, listens patiently, offers great counsel and is always so very lovely to me! I also love his accent. Best wishes,

    Lachlan, Doctor, Brisbane
    Lachlan, Doctor, Brisbane 29 years old
  • Girls, he he…. I think you did some magic! 🙂  He's flying in tonight after his work. Don’t know what you said, but it worked. THANK YOU so much!! I'll keep you posted!

    Andrew, Launceston, Tasmania
    Andrew, Launceston, Tasmania 32 years old
  • I was amazed by his spirit and heart, his openness and instant generosity, you just don’t meet men like this on applications. I have wasted years of my time…. I love how John relates to me. He is incredible, handsome and funny, and exudes warmth that is so nice. It just feels like I am at home. But at the same time, he is really sexy, likes to dip into the fast lane and yet is absolutely grounded in himself and has warmth that is not easy to find. I think that confidence is so attractive in people and this is something Vinko and I talked a lot about, well John certainly has this quality.  It’s the combination of everything, and he is willing to share himself with me in a such a comfortable manner.

    Steven, Businessman, CO - Hong Kong
    Steven, Businessman, CO - Hong Kong 44 years old
  • I just wanted you to know that I owe you big time! Michael is indeed drop-dead gorgeous and a very exciting and interesting man. We have spent the last few days together and I am going back tomorrow for more! Who knows where things may go, but this certainly feels good. Now if I can just move a little closer to HK everything would happen very quickly, for sure we are both already talking about the next steps... Thanks for making this happen.

    Jonathon, Businessman, Sydney
    Jonathon, Businessman, Sydney 46 years old
  • Hi Stephanie, I wanted to give you the great news! James proposed last night at the beautiful and romantic Eiffel Tower while on our first trip together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. I know you were the one that pushed for this introduction to happen, so thank you to you and the boys - He is the perfect partner for me - we connect on all levels like I have never felt before. My heart and soul has found my forever. Distance didn’t even come into play, I will be moving to NY City in the near future. Thank you

    Joe and James, Melbourne
    Joe and James, Melbourne
  • Dear Vinko and Andrea, John and I want to thank you both and of course Stephanie for your outstanding job. We both agree we would have never met without your introduction. We had wonderful lives but they were not in an environment to meet available singles. Neither one of us enjoyed the single scene.  The opportunity to meet a partner with similar life experiences, lifestyles, hobbies, goals and values was priceless. I feel we have both met our soul mates. I have encouraged my single friends to take the chance and invest in trying to meet their life partner. It is truly worth investing in the possibility of true happiness. I can’t believe we are approaching our 4th anniversary and we were both single for over 10 years before joining BBI.

    Adrian and John, Happily Married, Melbourne
    Adrian and John, Happily Married, Melbourne
  • I wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you that I thought my date was great, really great. I'm already thinking about how this could go given the distance. Just wondering if you talked to Michael as yet? I'm feeling like a little schoolboy wondering if he 'liked me' … so great, I must say I like feeling this way. Do you think it would be inappropriate if I sent him flowers for Valentine’s Day? What do you think?

    Keith, Personal Trainer, Perth, WA
    Keith, Personal Trainer, Perth, WA 48 years old
  • I wanted to send you a quick note emphasising what a pleasure it has been to work with BBI team. You all have a unique blend of empathy, warmth and work ethic making you all well suited for the delicate business of match making. I am still to find my perfect match but in the mean time I am having a great time and meeting amazing people. Cheers.

    Jeff, 58, Investment Banker, Sydney
    Jeff, 58, Investment Banker, Sydney
  • I knew that my chances of finding an amazing man were possible with BBI as you have a great reputation and were recommended by one of your success stories, but what I didn't expect was such a warm and genuine, transparent communication between all the team - From Vinko and Andrea to Stephanie, they always knew my voice on the phone even before I would get a chance to say my name. All of them have impressive attention to detail and are professional and knowledgeable, intuitive of people’s feelings. I cannot give a higher recommendation to any company. It was the best decision I ever made. 8 months after working together I was in a serious relationship with my partner Liang, we have now been together for 14 months and are living together. Thank you BBI team.

    Peter, Hong Kong
    Peter, Hong Kong 38 years old
  • The best compliment I can give you and BBI is that I have never once felt like this was a business arrangement between professionals ... instead, it has consistently felt like friends helping a like-minded friend who sees life values the same way..." BBI team has consistently exceeded my expectations.  Of course I wanted to meet my life partner but I always knew this was only about having the opportunity and doing something different. Vinko and I talked about this openly and I agreed with his directness even thought at times I found it confronting. Now, after months of dating, I believe not only that you can find a match, but that you will ... it's a great security blanket, to say the least.

    Michael, Elwood, Melbourne
    Michael, Elwood, Melbourne 48 years old
  • Hi there Vinko, I just wanted to update you on the situation with Dale and I. We have had several dates and just spent the entire weekend and shared our time between my place and his.  I really like him and the discussion we had in the car on the weekend while coming back from the beach was that we are officially “dating”.  😉 We have a great deal in common, we move in very similar social circles and enjoy spending time together… so, watch this space I reckon.  😉 Thanks heaps, and chat soon. Hugs

    Chris, Sydney
    Chris, Sydney 50 years old
  • I knew for a while I had to do something if I wanted a relationship, I just did not know what else to do - until a friend suggested BBI, where he met his partner.  It was a big decision for me to make, as BBI is an International company so I was not sure of how many clients they would have in HK. Soon I found out that I only needed one person, and on my second introduction I met Steven who stole my heart and we moved in 3 weeks later - the rest is history.  Vinko and Andrea obviously love what they do and are incredibly passionate so that you are always feeling like part of the family.   Their impressive EA Stephanie is always professional, knows everything that is going on and great fun to deal with when they are not available. I would recommend BBI to anyone that is seriously looking for someone to share their life with.  It really was the best decision I ever made.

    George, Hong Kong
    George, Hong Kong 52 years old
  • Dear Vinko, John and I want to thank you and Andrea for your outstanding job. We both agree we would have never met without your introduction. We had wonderful lives but neither of us was in an environment to meet available singles, and neither of us enjoyed the singles scene. The opportunity to meet a partner with similar life experiences, lifestyle, hobbies, goals and values were priceless. I feel we both met our soul mates. I have encouraged my single friends to take the chance and invest in trying to meet their life partner. It truly is worth investing in the possibility of true happiness.

     Peter and John  – Hong Kong and Sydney
    Peter and John – Hong Kong and Sydney Happily Married
  • It’s all about Greg!!!!! As you all know a couple of months ago you introduced me to an intriguing, curious man who is passionate about the outdoors, climbing and backpacking - my dream man and a perfect match. I have always found it hard to meet someone who is adventurous and maybe even a daredevil in life. Greg certainly gives me run for my money and it helps that he absolutely gorgeous, generous and sweet. Fast forward to Greg’s Story: We flew to France for Valentine’s Day, stayed at the Ritz Carlton and that is where Michael surprised me with a beautiful ring. Of course, I said YES! It was such a romantic and wonderful trip that we decided to fly all our friends and family to Paris one year from now for our wedding. I would like to thank all the wonderful people at BBI for introducing me to Michael, the love of my life...I would have never met him if it wasn't for all your help.

    Michael, Television Producer, Hong Kong, Greg, Business owner - HK and USA
    Michael, Television Producer, Hong Kong, Greg, Business owner - HK and USA 49 years old
  • I became a BBI client with hesitation and a curious heart. I was sceptical but intrigued by the concept of personal vs. computerised matchmaking. The person-to-person connection really appealed to me. I feel compelled to write to other unconvinced souls who might be considering or beginning with BBI. Every gentleman I've met through Beau Brummell, without exception has been intelligent, adventurous, direct, articulate, responsible, and thoughtful. The BBI team members that I have worked with have been professional, empathic, genuine, and insightful. They work in a sensitive environment dealing with perhaps the most complex and primal human experience: the giving and receiving of love.

    Liang, Designer, Hong Kong
    Liang, Designer, Hong Kong 35 years old
  •   Hi Vinko, Andrea and Stephanie, I want to thank you again so much for your time and thoughtful consideration on my membership with BBI.   I have had an extraordinary time with all of you, best decision I have ever made. My interviews were exciting and helpful. You are all so passionate and committed to making a difference. You are all real, down to earth, transparent and candid – I always felt comfortable. I never once felt like I was getting the "brush off," quite the contrary. Everyone was so on-board to make things happen for me!   Stephanie is the best. She's so real, kind, funny and gracious. An immediate best friend with who I felt I could share my deepest secrets if I needed to. She worked tirelessly to understand who *I* am and what I needed in between each introduction and during dating… she simply cares and listens – together with Vinko and Andrea to find the person who could be the perfect match for me! She understood me better than I did myself. The perfect person to have as your first point of contact to your business, well-done boys.   Everyone I met and spoke with at BBI was exceptional, including clients towards my search for Mr Right. It's so obvious that you all believe in what you do to your care-- finding the right matches for peoples' lifetime partnerships! In your work, that must be exhausting, day in and day out, I noticed you all work 7 days a week and long hours to accommodate clients busy schedules – you always seem full of energy and upbeat; there's no time for failure." It's patience and work and FUN to find the right ONE. No exceptions! It's an all-around incredible business; we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you for dedicating your life to help others find LOVE!   I just LOVE you guys! Thank you for all of your help and support and patience and understanding!! Singapore is a tough place to find LOVE, let alone in a Gay Community.. We are so busy and our government and politics do not approve of us – but we all want to belong.. we all want to find the ONE. Thanks again. John, 40, Small Business Owner – Singapore

    John, Small Business Owner – Singapore
    John, Small Business Owner – Singapore 40 years old
  • Vinko took the time to really find out who I was and what qualities I was looking for in a man. Through BBI, over the next couple of months, I went on three dates, each with wonderful men. After discussing each with Vinko, he soon called me one afternoon and excitedly said, “I think I may have found the man for you”! I went on my first date with Geoff the following Wednesday and then we met Saturday and again on Tuesday and the rest is history. It’s almost one year now that I have met the love of my life! Thank you, Vinko You are amazing! Peter, 58, Cardiologist, NY

    Peter, Cardiologist, NY 58 years old
  • I give YOU 5 stars. A few years after my relationship fell apart and I was ready to move on. But was thinking - how? I am living in Hong Kong where it is almost impossible to meet a Professional, successful gay man that I would consider my equal – I was almost giving up when I found out what my options were with different Apps and online dating… it just wasn’t for me… I was new to all the dating game as my last relationship was monogamous and we were together for 12 years. I had time and money but I did not want to use online services or spend every night in a bar. One day I Googled matchmaking services and up popped Beau Brummell Introductions. As soon as I read the web site, I knew I had found the right place. In business, whenever we needed a top exec, we used a search firm. So why not the same concept to find the most important person in my life. Outsource it to get the best results Contacting BBI was an easy decision for me, it was a smart choice, not my last chance! After a conversation with Stephanie, and an hour conversation with Vinko I was excited to sign up… followed by 3 or 4 of getting to know “ME” sessions a comprehensive profile was written and I really felt like Vinko and The Team knew me and what was important to me in my life partner. Two weeks after my profile was written, I requested to be opened to their Global Clients, not just Hong Kong or London, where I am from as I travel a lot. With introductions made by BBI, I always had the final decision in choosing my date and I knew it was going to be a pleasant experience and not a waste of time. I really enjoyed the whole dating process again and meeting a like-minded gay man that understood me, but most of all, everyone I met, knew they were serious about meeting Mr Right. Then I hit gold!! On May 2, I had a date with a man that I feel is my soul mate. He lives in HK, and we have now been seeing each other for over 6 weeks. As was the case with all previous “introductions” made by the BBI team, my new partner possesses all of the qualities that I had hoped for. But my new man and I have the chemistry that is hard to find! I could not be happier with my decision to be very proactive and contact specialists in finding “matches”. I will always be thankful to the terrific team at BBI. They did not simply throw bodies at me, but rather they carefully analyzed my needs and desires and went about searching their extensive database for men that offered me the potential for a lifetime partner. Thank you again, Vinko, Andrea and the Team! (Update: Steven and Michael are now happily engaged – quick but when you know you know........)

    Steven and Michael, Hong Kong
  • A couple of months ago a friend of mine set me down and made sure that I contacted Beau Brummell Introductions. She knew Vinko, through another friend that has found the love of his life through working with BBI.   Here is my story – after spending time with Vinko on FaceTime – I felt that he really cared about his job and his role in our community… I knew I was in good hands…. My first Introduction with BBI is someone I am dating – something tells me this is the one for me. I was single for 8 years, I thought that I knew all the Gay Man in New Zealand, let along with Auckland… I had so many bad experiences in dating– almost giving up… so it just tells you, sometimes you have to do something different to get to different results… Thank you, Vinko and the Team, life-changing experience and you made it EASY and FUN.

    Stephen, Lawyer, Auckland 45 years old
  • Hi Vinko, Hope all is well in these uncertain times and that 2020 has been kind to you both and Stephanie. I know how hard you are all working…. So a little thank you and praise is in order - I promised an update with Peter, so here it is ... Simply expressed ... We have fallen in love ... I don't believe further words can adequately be described what our mutual introduction has evolved into, but I'll try ... In a very short time period we have developed very special feelings for each other and although I would ordinarily be more reserved, our time & place feels very much pre-determined ... so although I feel like I am charting new territory I am cherishing every moment we're together and truly believe we have mutual admiration, respect and vision for a special, lasting relationship ... I am hoping this dream becomes reality ... What else can I say but Thank you!!

    Andrew, Engineer, Singapore 48 years old
  • I would recommend BBI to anyone, it is just so reassuring to know that someone out there is looking out for you with your best interest at heart.     How are you? I am fine. I don't know if you remember me or not, former client, 6 years ago, but I thought that I would reach out to you and say hello and thank you for matching me with Mark. We are very excited about our wedding, which is scheduled for August 14th. It is now being held at home in London, original plan was for Four Seasons in Great Exuma Bahamas but none of us are going anywhere this year… so instead of cancelling, it is going to be a much smaller family affair at home…. We have both remarked that we would have never have met each other without your introduction. Thank you. I think we were your first couple in the UK to move in together…

    Keith 42 years old
  • I became a BBI client with hesitation and a curious heart. I was skeptical but intrigued by the concept of personal vs. computerized matchmaking. Person to person connection really appeals to me. I feel compelled to write to other unconvinced souls who might be considering or beginning with BBI. Every gentleman I've met through BBI, without exception; has been intelligent, adventurous, direct, articulate, responsible, and thoughtful. The BBI team members I have worked with have been professional, empathic, genuine, and insightful. They work in a sensitive environment dealing with perhaps the most complex and primal human experience: the giving and receiving of love.  

    Anton, Doctor, New York 38 years old
  • Hi Vinko, Thank you so much for your good wishes but more importantly for matching Andy and myself together. I will never forget our first introduction at a wine bar in Wellington... and now 7 months later we are getting married on the Fourth of September of 2021 – we would love to have you and Andrea and of course Stephanie to join us, invitations will be sent out to you as soon as we have stopped being fussy in what direction to go…. I don't know if you remember saying this but when you were describing Andy to me on the phone you said we were the "perfect match"....wow, looks you were spot on. Andy and I both thank you so much for bringing us together. Living in two different cities would have made it impossible to meet without you...so Cheers to you and hope to see you all at the wedding.  

    Julian, Wellington, NZ 34 years old
  • Is it possible that discovering true compatibility, that fuels the magic of "chemistry" hinges on the readiness, openness, courage, authenticity, self-awareness and core beliefs of each person? If so, BBI serves not as magicians, but rather as skilled facilitators. I've had a great experience and I've referred several close friends. Kelleher International: Through your experience, this "sceptic" has come to fully embrace the possibility of dreaming my largest dreams with a unique soul mate! Thank you for pursuing your dream of providing exquisite matchmaking, from this client's perspective, you have more than succeeded!  

    Peter, Singapore
  • Hi Gents! God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter who was born July 14th. Our family is growing! Life and marriage are great. I took my Husband out on date night this past weekend to the restaurant we had our first date at. We have such an awesome marriage. Perfect fit! Hope all is well with you all.  

    Luke, Hong Kong
  • Just wanted to let you know that we bought an apartment in London together as an investment and we are moving in together into my place here in HK….. you have changed our lives…thank you. Both of us loved living in Hong Kong but it is not a place where its easy to find LOVE, we all live such busy lives and it's been tough over the last year to sustain positivity here… we love our jobs, so we stayed… and our lives are much more complete.  

    Jonathan, Business Owner, HK/London 48 years old
  •   Hi Vinko,   I hope you are all well. Michael and I of course always talk about you boys. Every holiday, every special accession, family get together and of course, we always recommend BBI to anyone we know… Can you believe that it has been 8 years since we met? May 1st 2012…. We went on our fist date… 2 children later, three properties and two business that are always growing we are doing better than EVER… We have you to give our thanks and I promise we will stop by Sydney next time we can all travel to introduce you to our boys… All our best, always….

    Michael and Michael, NZ
  • After a lot of thinking I decided it was time to concentrate on ME… I choose BBI after my chat with Vinko – where does he get that energy from – you can tell he is passionate about what he does…. But most of all I chose you because of your concept and personal approach – it just felt right for me to talk to a person who will be doing filtering for me by knowing me personally. I found you all very professional and I have always felt at ease, - I have now had 3 dates – no luck as yet but it feels like we are getting closer and closer... I would have never had an opportunity to meet the man I have been introduced to anywhere else in KL… grateful and thankful for your dedication and help with this very important part of my life…    

    Paul, Lawyer, KL, 35 years old
  •   A quick note of gratitude to you boys and Stephanie… It was not an easy decision to come and work with you – I guess it was my pride to admit that I needed help with my personal life… I thought something was wrong with me if it did not happen organically… How wrong was I????? David was my second date with BBI and I was his First… The rest is history…. Best money ever spent! Thank you for the love and kindness and most of all for all the advice during our catch ups and getting to know ME interviews… I knew I was ready for this journey – now you have changed my life… we are crazy in love like we have been together forever…  

    Sam, Singapore 40 years old
  • When I think of Beau Brummell Introductions I think of an easy interview that was honest and detailed….with great listening skills in what I really wanted in a partner, my first date changed my life forever… it was that easy… Can't thank you enough  

    Jonathan, Banker, Hong Kong 58 years old