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Joe and Adam on their wedding day

Finding your beau

Helping you find true love is the goal of Beau Brummell Introductions. The Australian male same-sex matchmaking agency has partnered up couples for more than seven years. We speak to Joe, one half of a successful match, to find out what the process was like.

Above: the wedding venue in Bari, Italy, below: the guestbook

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When Joe, 52, met Adam, 50, in 2016, the spark was instant thanks to Adam’s smile – “I’ve got the best smile in Australia!” he jokes – and Joe’s adventurous spirit. “I like eyes and I like smiles,” read Joe’s profile. Both men were clients of Beau Brummell Introductions and through the service’s personalised matching process they were deemed compatible before they had even laid eyes on each other. Three years, two holidays and one big Italian wedding later, Joe and Adam are happily married and ready to start a family of their own. Like many people looking for love, the catalyst for Joe engaging the matchmaking agency was simple: he was tired of wasting time.

In what ways are you and Adam most compatible?

Initially, yes. I was sick of going on dates and putting in the time only to realise I wasn’t suited to somebody. I got referred to Beau Brummell through a friend and it was the first and only agency I ever used. You’re going in blind, but
I’m an adventurous sort so I thought, “I’ve got nothing to lose.” I had a phone conversation with [Beau Brummell co-founder] Vinko Anthony and then I was completely at ease. Everyone was exceptionally professional and very warm.

How do they match you with a partner?

They base it on personality – what you like, what you don’t like, your religious beliefs and your ambitions in life. Then they send you a selection of basic profiles and ask if you want to know more. If you say yes, they send you a detailed profile of that particular person without any pictures. I thought that was a great concept. All the hard work is taken out of dating as the first six weeks is already done for you by the time you go on your first date.

Was Adam your first date through Beau Brummell?

They’d organised two other dates for me before Adam. But if they don’t succeed with one, they will match you up with somebody else. They go all-out to acheive success.

“I’ve made Adam come out of his shell a little bit more, while Adam has grounded me.”

In what ways are you and Adam most compatible?

We both love to travel, love family, and are extremely hard working and driven. But we’re both very soft, too. I’m probably a little bit more crazy – I have no fear jumping out of a plane. I suppose I’ve made Adam come out of his shell a little bit more, while Adam has grounded me. We got married in Italy last year and [Beau Brummell co-founder] Andrea Zaza came to the wedding. We introduced him as the person who got us together – we wouldn’t be where we are now without them.

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