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The way modern men find love may be changing but Beau Brummell’s personal approach to matchmaking has stood the test of time. A decade on, it’s still going strong.

“Generally, business ideas are worth very little unless you have an idea that’s meaningful and solves meaningful problems,” says Vinko Anthony. It’s an ethos Vinko and Andrea Zaza, his partner in business and life, live by – and one of the reasons their matchmaking company, Beau Brummell Introductions, is now celebrating its 10th year. The boutique matchmaking agency for discerning gay men has facilitated 692 long-term relationships to date. Vinko attributes the success of the business to the duo’s “mentality, psychology and determination, as well as the way we execute our vision”, along with BeauBrummell’s unique offering. “We work with clients who are serious about monogamous, long-lasting relationships. It’s rare to find that in the world of ‘swipe, swipe’ dating apps.” A decade on, “we’re still the only ones doing it,” says Vinko of the business, which has grown consistently to operate right across Australia, with a presence in capital cities and key regional areas. But that’s only half the story. The agency’s network now extends to Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States and Europe.

The agency’s network now extends to Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. The Sydney-based couple has enjoyed remarkable business success despite an enormous cultural shift. Two years after same-sex marriage passed, Beau Brummell continues to capture the hearts and minds of the gay community, offering clients an experience that has life-changing potential. More than simply a service that invests time in uniting men of substance, Beau Brummell continues to be a testament to the belief that true love can – and does – exist in gay relationships. While the way gay men initiate and maintain relationships has undergone significant changes in recent years, Vinko and Anthony are proud of their hard work and dedication to the gay community, which has resulted in hundreds of deep, committed and lasting relationships – and an impressive 26 marriages. “Our clients are busy professionals,” explains Vinko. “Why wouldn’t they outsource the task of finding a soulmate? They want to be successful in this area and they should be – it’s the most important relationship they’ll have.”


The secrets of
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“It’s impossible for us to achieve success for somebody without knowing them,” says Vinko. The agency’s bespoke approach sees Vinko, Andrea and their team spend up to 15 hours meeting with a client to ascertain what he seeks in a partner. This ensures each client’s profile is accurate and authentic. “You need to be confident you understand what people want and don’t want.” Case in point: an increasing number of gay couples are also embracing parenthood. In fact, clients are approaching Beau Brummell at a younger age for this reason. “Those aged between 26 and 38, in particular, talk a lot about creating their own families or having kids,” says Vinko. “For them, it’s a priority.”


“Becoming successful in business is about determination and always keeping your eyes and ears open,” says Vinko of Beau Brummell’s evolution in line with cultural change. Gay men are coming out earlier than they were a decade ago, which Vinko attributes in large part to the burgeoning visibility of role

“Those aged between 26 and 38, in particular, talk a lot about creating their own families or having kids. For them, it’s a priority.”

models: “We have celebrities, politicians and business leaders who are out and proud and that’s hugely important.” Because they’re embedded in the community, Vinko and Andrea are keenly aware of the cultural landscape, constantly adapting their business to meet the needs of their clients. It’s just one of the reasons men choose their service over others.


Identifying a gap in the market is often born of personal frustration. “When we launched our agency, we looked to our own experiences with dating,” says Vinko. “I remember thinking, ‘Why is it so hard to meet like-minded people? There must be a better way to do this.’” Finding solutions to such dilemmas has transformed more than their business. “It has strengthened our relationship, too,” says Vinko. “When you talk about how to improve someone else’s life, you start to think about how you can improve your own relationship.”



Since 2009, Beau Brummell has achieved tangible results for men seeking a partner.


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Vinko is justifiably proud of the fact that since same-sex marriage was legalised in December 2017, there have been 26 Beau Brummell unions. “And 18 of them happened within the first few months of the law changing.” The legitimising effect of the legislation can’t be overestimated. “Being able to get married, just like anybody else, is a powerful validation of our relationships.” It all bodes well for another big decade of Beau Brummell something for which its founders are grateful. “I really believe that our clients give us the most important job in their lives,” says Vinko. “We take our jobs very seriously and with pride.”