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Beau Brummell Hangover Prevention Tips /


As Friday draws near we thought we would pass on a few of our favourite tricks for avoiding a smashing headache after a night of fun, laughs and of course the main perpetrator of the headachey blues…Alcohol. Below are some of our favourite tricks to avoid staying in bed all day

1. Cocktails plus water!
You’d be surprised at the amount of people that laugh when we offer up this tip but its actually a fool proof truth! Staying hydrated is the number one way to prevent a hangover. Scientifically speaking, the tissues around the brain are mostly made of water, and dehydration will shrink these tissues, creating pressure in the head. Because alcohol leads to dehydration, try having a drink then a glass a of water, a drink, a glass of water and so forth. Also make sure that before you head out there is a large bottle of water waiting for you by your bedside to chug down when you get home.

We know that drinking fills you up on its own and that we all usually are too busy rushing to get to wherever we need to go that we don’t even consider EATING before we head out for a big night. Eating is so important before you start drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach will allow alcohol to absorb faster, so be sure to shove down some healthy carbs and nutrient-rich vegetables to keep yourself satisfied. As an added bonus, if you start the night with a filling and healthy dinner, you’ll be less likely to encounter the post-midnight munchies…

3. Keep it Classy
A really great way to avoid a hangover is making sure your alcohol is of good quality. According to an alcohol metabolism expert, “inexpensive beer, wine and liquor are more likely to have higher congener content. Congeners are the ‘chemical soup’ that results from the fermentation or distillation process. The more expensive liquors are often filtered and triple or more distilled—thus, cleaner alcohol, less junk.” As Vinko always says – go for quality, not quantity!

4. Replenish Your Electrolytes
Because alcohol makes you dehydrated, you also lose electrolytes. To replenish them, grab a potassium-rich food like a banana or some spinach. Some sports drinks also have electrolytes, but can come with a ton of sugar as well, so be sure to check the label before cracking one open.

Happy Drinking Everyone! But remember to drink safe!


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