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Beau Brummell’s Perfect Picnic /


With beautiful Summer weekends among us, it is the perfect time to plan for a picnic. We love dining alfresco when the weather is so nice, from a park to a beach or even in our own backyard. Today our team is here to share with you a few tips to make your picnic absolutely perfect…

Find your spot

As we stated earlier, there are plenty of places you can picnic however your choice in setting will set the tone and determine what you’ll need to bring along! Make sure that you think about the variables… will your perfect spot need to be hiked too? If so maybe back a lighter load for the track in. Will you have access to wooden benches in a park? That way you can leave the blanket at home. Are you packing for an outdoor concert or movie? If so, double check that they allow glassware.

The Menu

Because we are having a picnic, that means the food must be portable friendly. Go for mini everything, pasta salads or foods in general that will not wilt with heat. Bringing along some fresh fruit, a selection of cheese and charcuterie is always our favourite. And don’t forget a thermos full of floral infused lemonade or iced tea to chill you all right out.

The Guests

We think a picnic is great because it caters to a whole range of demographic. It can be a romantic date for two, or a group afternoon for friends. The best part about a picnic is that there is really no limit to how many people you can invite.. it’s not like when you’re at home and you’re trying to cram everyone into a tiny apartment, find enough seats at the table or having to ask that they take their fury friend back home! However, if you are inviting a lot of people we suggest you ask them to all bring a main course, a side dish, their own beverages or desert along with them too so everyone can share.

The Gear

While the location is going to determine exactly what you bring along there are a few items we recommend must be brought to any picnic.
1. A chic basket

2. A soft blanket or oversized towel

3. Reusable outdoor dishware, utensils (like this folding flatware set), and food storage containers.

A litte bit extra

If you really want to be the creator of the picnic of the year, bring along a portable speaker to blast your picnic playlist. A fun activity like a deck of playing cards. OR a frisbee! Can’t go wrong with a good ol’ frisbee.

There you have it! Happy picnicking!


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