Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things

When you dream about the future, what do you see? Do you see yourself in your dream job, or traveling the world, or maybe you see a life of luxury, filled with some of the most valuable objects?

Or, do you see a person?

While a matchmaker can help you find that special someone, what a matchmaker won’t do is tell you what to do after you find that person. While some people might want to explore the planet with their partner, or find someone who will live a life of luxury with them, it’s important to remember what really matters with your partner.

And that has nothing to do with a career, or things, or stunning Instagram photos.

Remember what takes up most time

While you may picture the more beautiful images when you imagine your future, most of your life probably won’t be the glamor-filled existence you see on social media or on reality television.

What takes up the most time in your life is probably going to be the boring, everyday stuff.

  • Laying in bed after a long day
  • Cleaning up a messy house
  • Doing the laundry
  • Cooking dinner

While these more “mundane” things don’t seem like the most important memories of your life. But these less glittery moments will take up most of it. So, appreciate them while you can. Enjoy the meaningless conversations, the pointless laughs, and the small instances with your partner while you have them.

Stop comparing

We all compare things. We compare our friends’ homes to our own. We compare our own cars to the cars we see on the street, or our clothes to the ones worn by strangers who pass us in the grocery store. Social media can often tempt us to compare our lives with the others that flash before our eyes.

It’s easy to compare your life to other lives if you feel like yours is not as glamorous as someone else’s. And you might be right. But keep in mind, someone else may be jealous of your life. They might crave those unglamorous moments, those simple, but happy times with your significant other.

Don’t focus on regrets

We make choices every day, some more impactful than others. Deciding to move to a new city probably has more of an impact than deciding what tie to wear to work on a random Tuesday. We never know what impact our choices will have, though, so don’t bother regretting your decisions.


Live in the moment

Not every moment you have with your partner will feel significant, but they can feel important if you learn to appreciate them. Focusing too much on the past, or on the future, might make it harder to truly enjoy your time with your partner.

You can think about the future, or the past, but if you have a life with your partner, don’t forget to live. You can’t truly be with someone if your mind is somewhere else. 

And sometimes, being in that moment means appreciating the little things. 

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