Love isn’t just the good times

Love isn’t just the good times

When you partner with a matchmaker, you probably expect that they will be helping you find your happily ever after. While that’s true, not even a matchmaker will help you find a happiness that lasts one hundred percent of the time. This is because a matchmaker doesn’t find you a fairy tale, but a real person.

Real life has ups and downs. You might be thinking, “But I want a fairy tale romance!” Even if you would get a fairy tale romance, though, think of your favorite one. No fairy tale gives its heroes happiness without conflict. That’s how real relationships are.

“Bad times” are inevitable

Cinderella ends with the girl who once wore rags married to the prince of the kingdom, but it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for her and her future husband. There was a wicked stepmother, miscommunication, and a drastic exit from a ball that they had to experience along the way.

Just like this fairy tale, real life will have conflict, and stress, and not-so-happy moments. It’s okay to admit this, because no one’s life is perfect. Be okay with this. Don’t expect your relationship to have zero issues. By embracing this, you will be better prepared for any difficulty and challenges that come your way.

A relationship makes it better

When you face a challenge alone, you are taking on heavy baggage that you may not be able to carry. With someone else, however, especially a significant other, that baggage will be much easier to carry.

A romantic relationship is not just about flowers, and chocolate, and love poems. In fact, the more important aspect of a relationship is what you will face together every day. While we hope that every day is as joyful as it can be, if you are going to face challenges, might as well be with someone who love you – and who you love back.

Appreciate what you have

No one likes messiness in a relationship, just like no one likes rainy days when they’re at the beach, or dirty on new shoes, or scratches on a shiny new car. While none of things are ideal, the benefit of all of the is that they will help you appreciate the sunny days, or a clean pair of shoes, or a polished car.

Getting through the difficult times in a relationship will help you appreciate the good times when they come – and they will come. You might have a fight, but if you listen to each other, it will help you appreciate each other later on down the road. Use these rainy days in your relationship to help you smell the flowers when they bloom.

Growth requires a challenge

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

An exhausting day in the gym will help your muscles grow, and a hard class will help you retain knowledge. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, so remember that to see growth, both as a person and as a couple, you’re going to have to face an uphill journey.

In many ways, a relationship is like an exercise. Some days are easier than others, but if you devote yourselves to each other, you will both end up stronger in the end