Experiencing Loss Together

Loss is one of those things that is unavoidable in life. While it’s unimaginably painful, often, it’s what makes life so meaningful. Of course, even when we have a good relationship with someone, grief can still hit us hard. A solid relationship does not make us immune from experiencing sadness in our lives.


While a matchmaker is thorough in helping you a potential life partner, you don’t always think about the difficult times when you are finding that special someone. While the romantic dinners and cozy holidays are important, it’s also crucial that you think about loss when starting a relationship.


Have someone to lean on

We will all face losses in our lives – losses both big and small. While we’d like to think we are capable of handling things on our own, the truth is that no one can do it on their own. Facing grief requires embracing life. 

That life could mean the life of your neighbors, your children, or maybe a significant other. When we miss someone, we can find joy once again in the little things. Maybe something our partner does reminds us of a person we lost. Maybe we can share something with a significant other that we learned from a loved one who is no longer with us. 


Share your feelings

One way to handle grief is through talking about it. While it doesn’t always feel good to acknowledge our pain, it’s necessary. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. It just causes it to fester deep inside us.

While we can share our feelings with anyone, and that’s especially true with someone you might meet through a matchmaker. It takes time to get to the place with someone where you are comfortable sharing the most difficult aspects of your life, but it’s worth it in the end.


Take time off

While you may sometimes feel reluctant to let someone take care of you, it’s okay to let yourself take time for yourself. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need in order to move past a difficult time. Maybe that means you let your partner take care of basic needs, like cooking or cleaning for a while.

If this works for you, it doesn’t mean your partner needs to wait on you hand and foot forever. It could just be a temporary chance for your partner to help out while you may not be able to.



While dealing with loss is something you will have to do as a human being, there’s something else that comes with being a human: the ability to heal. Even in our darkest moments, we are able to see the light, and often that means leaning on those who love you.

If you and your partner are there for each other, you can both find the strength you need to get through moments that seem impossible to overcome. The difficulty of a loss is often so strong because you loved someone. It’s only in embracing love that you can get past that immense loss.

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