Hosting Together

Hosting is a significant part of anyone’s life, but it can get complicated when you have a significant other. For one, you or your partner may enjoy hosting more than the other. Hosting may stress one of you out. Like any aspect of your relationship, you will have to find a balance.

Working with a matchmaker means you are looking for someone to share your life with. That means you will, presumably, share a home. You will share friends and family, which means you will often have to share hosting duties. So, consider this when you are a relationship with your significant other.

Work together

Hosting people at your house, whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, or just because, can be a huge task. You have to cook, clean, and plan, so for one person, it can be a lot. But with your significant other, you are not just one person. You have two minds, four hands, and four feet.

That splits the work you have to do in half! Come together and turn that daunting task into a small chore. Remember that you don’t have to plan and host those people at your house alone. It’s like anything else you experience with your partner – the two of you will be handle it better than just one of you.

Split responsibility

When you host, it’s possible that it will involve a task requiring you to something you do not like doing. You might hate cooking, or vacuuming, or cleaning the bathroom. If this is the case, it might help if you split responsibility with your partner.

This doesn’t mean that either you or your partner will be doing all the chores. Find ways that both of you can be happy, and ensure that the necessary work needs to get done. If your partner hates cooking, then they can clean the bathroom while you prepare the meal. If you hate dusting, then your partner can clean the living room while you wash the dishes. Both of you can end up happy if you work together.


The concept of communication is talked about a lot, but there is a reason it’s always mentioned: because it’s effective. When you’re hosting, communicate about everything. Communicate about who’s coming, what you’re doing… and if you want to host something at all. Communicate because that is how both of you can ensure you’re on the same page, both of you remain happy, and the event ends up being a success for you, your partner, and your guests

Don’t overthink – have fun

When you think about hosting, you may think about a party with candles, fancy food, and nice clothes. But that doesn’t have to be how you host, if you don’t want to. If you don’t like fire,mthen dim the lights instead of using candles. If cooking stresses you out, then order pizza, and if you want to have a pajama party… have a pajama party! Hosting is what you want it to be, so find a way to enjoy it with your partner!