Your Relationship Needs Movement

Movement is important, as you probably know. Movement gets us through the world, from point A to point B, and it helps us hunt, or forage, or get the food we need at the grocery store. All things, even non-living things, move.

What does this mean, though – “your relationship needs movement?” Is this newsletter going to talk about how to seduce someone through dance. Fortunately or unfortunately, that newsletter will have to wait for another time, but we will discuss how movement can be beneficial to a relationship with your partner.

Move out of your comfort zone

Even if you consider yourself someone who doesn’t take risks, you have moved out of the places that make you feel comfortable. You have (probably) moved on from diapers, and left the phase of drinking out of a bottle. While it’s not always fun to leave these safe places, it’s crucial to survival.

It’s also crucial to survival that you move out of the comfort zone of a relationship. A matchmaker can partner you with someone who is fun to date, but eventually, that comfort zone of dating is going to have to evolve into something more – you’re going to have to move out of that comfort zone!

Move on

We all need to move on at some point. Move on from that dead end job that doesn’t give you what you need, and even, yes, move on from those relationships that are no longer fulfilling. You can even move on when in relationships that are fulfilling, though, too!

Move on from the things that hold you and your partner back. Maybe that means getting rid of the patterns that are harmful, or the rituals that hold your relationship back. Move on from what isn’t working – whatever that means for you.

Move to

You can’t really move on from something without moving to something else. So, moving on if you’re in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get out of that relationship. When you move, focus on the destination. How are you going to improve your relationship?

Having a destination gives you and your partner something to work toward. It gives you a goal. When you have a goal, you are able to focus, which means you and your partner can work together to make your relationship stronger, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

Go with the flow

While we all crave structure to some degree, it’s also important that within that structure we allow ourselves to sway, to dance, and to move. Relationships have structure, but when they become too rigid, there can be unnecessary strain.

If you’re too rigid, especially in a relationship, things can break. That’s why trees are able to bend with the wind. It’s why tall skyscrapers are built to sway when an earthquake strikes.

Your relationship is similar. Understand that people and relationships can bend and change – and should – in order to survive.

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