A perfect love

A perfect love?


Perfect may be a word that is a bit overused. While perfect is a worthy goal, it will never be attainable. The perfect day will still have a cloud, the perfect meal might be a little too spicy, and the perfect gift will break eventually.


Similarly, while you may want to find the perfect relationship, it will never happen. Movies and TV shows may portray happy relationships that you want to attain, but if you think about it, even the people in those relationships face their ups and downs. 


If you are seeking perfection in a relationship, it would be helpful to remember that:

Nobody’s perfect


Nope, not even you! When you look for a partner, or a matchmaker helps you find one, give up on looking for perfection. People will let you down. People will make mistakes and hurt one another. Even you will probably let yourself down at some point.


It’s important to remember this when you are in a relationship. While the fact that no one is perfect does not mean that you should just stop trying to be a good person, in your pursuit of being kind, recognize that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you work to rectify them.

Love reflects reality


Just as people are not perfect, your love is an image of that imperfection. Even if you love someone, you still might not act out of love 24/7. If you are someone who simply accepts the fact that you will mess up, then your love will be far from perfect.


Your relationship will be closer to perfection, though, if you work to rectify your mistakes. For example, you might say something that hurts your partner, something that makes them feel inadequate. Your love reflects who you are, so if you apologize, and avoid saying the same thing again in the future, then you are better for it.

Love isn’t magic


While love can cure and give people hope, it is not a cure all. Just like a matchmaker can help match you with someone, a matchmaker won’t be able to help you find love. That is because love requires work. Hard work.


Having love for someone is like being nourished by food. Food won’t make you a bodybuilder, but if you work at lifting weights, food can help you get there. Treat love like something that won’t give you superpowers, but something that can inspire you and influence you for good. 

Love enhances imperfection


A loving relationship may not erase imperfection, but it will help you appreciate someone amid all that imperfection. 


Maybe, for example, your cooking is far from perfect. Having love won’t make you perfect, but having someone who loves you amid your less-than-perfect cooking skills will help you see that not everything is about being perfect. A solid relationship reminds you that imperfection is okay, and while no love will ever be without its flaws, a good relationship will seek to eliminate those flaws as much as possible.


If you give up the pressure to think you must be perfect, then you can truly start living – and loving. 

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