How to celebrate your significant other

How to celebrate your significant other

Humans have been celebrating for thousands of years. They’ve celebrated celestial events, religious occurrences, and, most importantly, they’ve celebrated one another. Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are some occasions that you might celebrate with your significant other.

You might pick your own days to celebrate, too – the day you first met, the day the matchmaker paired you, or the day you first said, “I love you.” Whatever you celebrate, there’s no right or wrong way to share joy about one another. As long as it makes you and your partner happy, it’s the right way to celebrate.

Don’t break the budget

There sometimes might be a pressure to spend a lot of money on a special day. Instagram tells us that the best photos might be taken on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean, or in a fancy hotel room, or from an expensive hot air balloon trip. But this is not how it has to be!

Spending money on your partner is perfectly fine – as long as it doesn’t hurt to do so. If a fancy restaurant or a tropical getaway will hurt your bank account, focus less on the price and more on enjoying each other. Celebration is not about money, but the experience.

Build memories

Instead of focusing on the cost of a trip, focus on what is the most memorable. Memories can be made anywhere, on any budget, and at any moment. Experimenting on a new recipe can be just as memorable as a fancy restaurant. A walk through a new place can be just as memorable as getaway by plane.

While money leaves your bank account and is gone, memories cannot be withdrawn, and will stay with you forever. Some of the most memorable dates won’t be about how much money you spend, or how impressive it appears, but on how much fun you had, how much you connected, or how surprising your celebration is.

Avoid stress

Movies and TV might pressure us to go above and beyond for a significant other. Grand gestures, like hiring a flash mob, or a skywriter, or an elaborately planned date are not the only way to show your partner that you care about them. If a celebration stresses you out, it’s probably not worth it.

While everyone wants their significant other to be celebrated, it should never come at the cost of your own comfort. Being in a partnership doesn’t mean bending over backward for the sake of your own comfort. A happy occasion means both of you feel happy.

Focus on them

It’s normal to want everything to be perfect – especially when you are celebrating your partner. You want the food to be delicious, the music to be right, and even the lighting needs to be at the perfect dimness. But none of these are the most important things.

When you celebrate someone, they are the most important thing. Make sure that they are happy, and do so by expressing how you feel about them. Paying attention to them, and telling them how they make you feel, is way more important than the small details about your event.

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