Loving someone else means loving yourself

Loving someone else means loving yourself

When we think about love, it usually involves two people. We might picture hearts, or goo-goo eyes, or a bouquet of flowers and chocolate. While romance is certainly one of the most important kinds of love, it’s not the only kind.

Without self-love, there is no familial love, or love between friends, or romantic love.

Romantic love and self-love do not necessarily have to exist separate from one another. When you love yourself, you equip yourself with the ability to show love to someone else. Self-love helps you be your best you, exceeding in all things – and that includes in romance.

Discover what you want

When you love yourself, it means taking the time to focus on you. This doesn’t mean that you are your only focus, but it does mean being aware. Be aware of your preferences, when it comes to what makes you happy, what keeps you healthy, and, importantly, what you want in a relationship.

Partnering with a matchmaker is a great way to express self-love! This is because it means you are focusing on what you want. Sometimes, you may not even know what that is, but taking the serious step to find a life partner can help you discover that.

Get what you deserve

When you love someone, you want it to thrive. If a friend is sad, you’ll do anything you can to help that friend get back on track. When you love a child, you will protect them at all costs, and if you love a pet, you will feed them when you are hungry.

Loving yourself means giving yourself what you deserve. You deserve to be happy, and if having a life partner makes you happy, then that’s a step you should take. Whether that means partnering with a matchmaker, taking a leap of faith, or focusing on your significant other, self-love means pursuing that.

Learn your value

When you find the person for you, they can help you with your self-love by showing you the best aspects of you.

If someone loves you – loves your quirks, your skills, your mistakes, and your successes –it can help you see them as well.

Loving someone sometimes encourages people to bend over backward to give the other everything that they want. That’s good! That’s how it should be. But another aspect of romantic love involves learning why it is someone else loves you. When you accept that love – that love for you – then you can better love yourself.

Find support

When you form a partnership – a healthy partnership – it should be a two-way street. One person should not be in it to serve the other, just as one person should not be in the relationship to be served. When you find that support from another, it will make it easier to love yourself.

Maybe being with your partner means that they can support you when you are feeling low. If you are in a funk, they might take the time to get you ice cream or listen to what you are going through. They might make you soup when you are sick. Whatever your partner does, when you let them love you, you are also loving yourself.

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