What is a home

What is a home?

There are many types of homes. Some live minimally, in a trailer or a bus, while some live within a stack of many apartment units. Others find home within a house, whether that’s a small one in a big city, or a large mansion out in the country.

In a way, a matchmaker is sort of like a real estate agent. No, a matchmaker won’t help you find a new place to rent or buy, and can’t really help you with your property needs. But a matchmaker can help you find that special person – someone to build a home with.

While that home may mean four walls and a roof, when it comes to your significant other, a home is more than that.

It’s a decision

You make decisions with your significant other all the time. Some of those decisions might be smaller than others – like deciding what’s for dinner, or where you should go on your first date, or what movie to watch on date night. Others might be larger, like should we get married?Should we have kids? Or Should we move in together?

For this reason, a home is a decision. Often, it’s not a decision you make alone, but one you make with your partner. When you think of a home, you often think of the structure, but don’t forget that it is a huge process – one more involved than just sawing, nailing, and painting. Your home is a reflection of a relationship.

It’s a person

There’s a song by Edward Sharpe that goes, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Maybe it’s a little cliché at this point, but there’s a reason this sentiment is so popular. It’s true.

A home keeps you safe, it allows you to thrive, and it makes you happy. Anyone in a happy relationship knows that those qualities also describe a significant other. If you’re looking for a home, think of what that home will look like with the person that you love. Can you see you and them thriving there together? If so, then it’s the home for you.

It’s a time

There are five love languages, and one of them is quality time. When you love someone, you can get lost in the moment with them. Sometimes, quality time might involve doing nothing at all. And lazy moments can be some of the most romantic times.

As we mentioned, picking a home is a big decision. When you try to pick somewhere, think about how you will view that place in the future, whether that’s months later, years later, or decades later. Will you remember the color of the walls or the squeakiness of the floor – or the time you spent there with the person you love?

It’s a feeling

Sometimes, a home can’t be summed up in words or bricks or pieces of plywood. A home is how you feel. It may not be the fanciest place, and it may be a lot of work, but if you find happiness there, and with your significant other, then it’s home.

Miserable people have found themselves living in the nicest, most updated mansions, and some of the happiest people in the world have made their homes out of buses as they travel around the country.

So, make yourself at home with the one you love.