Music and Love

We all know music. It permeates our culture, and every culture, really.

You may not think about music when you partner with a matchmaker, but it can be a crucial part of a relationship, just like food, a home, or a sense of humor. While you may not think about music as something that builds up your relationship, it can certainly enhance your connection with someone else, and that includes the person you date or commit your life to.

What can you do to allow music to encourage your love?


Music tells a story. It emphasizes a poignant part in a movie or TV show, and the lyrics can be the plot of a narrative. The tune itself can tell an emotional story, too.

It’s not just any story that music can tell – it can be your story as well. Have you ever heard a song and immediately been transported to a time in your past… for better or for worse? That happens because music triggers a part of our brain that tells stories. Your relationship can be a love song, even if it doesn’t always feel like it is!


One way that music can tell a story is if you find a song. You’ve probably heard someone say to their significant other, “This is our song.” Usually, when someone says this, they’re not talking about a song that they own, but a song that means something to them.

The beauty of music is that it can be whatever you make it. It might be hard to find a song that tells your story exactly – but it’s not just about that. It’s about the feeling you get when you hear the song or the memories that the song evokes.  


Music does not just have to be a background sound to listen to while you make dinner or play in the car while you are on a long road trip. Music can help build up a moment you share together, no matter where it is.

Think about how music may be able to help you grow closer together. Maybe it lets you relax, or puts you in the mood for a romantic evening. However, you use music, know that it can be whatever you want it to be. Don’t just treat it like something to flip on when you’re bored… but as a recipe for love.


If you’re a musician, you can use music not just by listening, but by creating. Write your partner a song as a way to show them what they mean to you. Play music together as a way to bond!

Don’t worry though – you can create together even if you aren’t musicians. If you’re not a musical person, you can still create by forming a playlist, just like people made mixtapes for their significant others back before streaming was the main way of listening to music. Assembling a playlist could be a great way to put your love into words… or tunes!

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