Finding a place

When you partner with a matchmaker, you might think that the only place you’ll have to find is where you go on the first date. While that certainly is something you need to figure out, it is by no means the last place you’ll have to find once you form a relationship.

There are countless places you will have to find when you find your significant other. There are the places you will dine at, if you eat out a lot. There is a place to live, eventually. And there is also your place.

What’s the big deal about finding a place, though?


We all need to escape. Even if you have the best life, it helps to have the chance to get away. Sometimes, that’s by watching TV, or going on a vacation. Other times, that’s in finding your place.

Sharing that place with your partner allows both of you to escape, whether that’s from a hard day at work, the doldrums of being around the house, or a tough week of stress. That escape might come in the form of delicious food, or simply as a familiar place to relax in.


When you think of a place, you think of a location. That rock by the river, or a coffee shop nestled on the corner certainly are places. But there’s also time involved when you and your partner share a place.

You can build memories in a place. Maybe there aren’t specific memories, but just the idea that you spent time somewhere with each other. Or, maybe you shared your first “I love you”s, or memorable laughs. Whatever the memory, if it’s a good one, you can create a place with those.


A place is also somewhere that you can share with other people. In a way, in sharing a place, you can also share your relationship.

Sometimes, sharing a relationship with others means making friends that you and your partner both have. If there is love between the two of you, might as well let others enjoy it as well! When you have a place, you might meet others there that let you do just that.


Speaking of sharing your love with others, you probably know that sharing something with your partner allows the two of you to grow closer together. While sharing a home, or a dessert, or a movie night with them certainly helps the two of you connect, the same can be said about a place as well.

A place that both of you can have gives the two of you something to talk about. It gives you something in common. So, find that place, and you might just share a happier life with your significant other.

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