Finding balance

Balance is something you often think about in reference to a physical state, but it comes into play in relationships as well. It’s crucial for couples, especially because of the differences between two people. While you don’t think of differences when you partner with a matchmaker, differences are inevitable.

Because of these differences between people, balance is crucial. Balance keeps you oriented, whether you are walking or in a relationship. Balance helps you stay upright, whether that means on a balance beam or with your significant other. Balance keeps things equal, whether that’s on a scale or between two people who care about each other.


If you’ve ever played on a seesaw when you were a kid, then you know that balance can be tricky. If both people want to go higher, then it might be hard to agree on who gets to climb into the air right away. However, if you agree to alternate with your partner, then both of you will be much happier.

Sometimes, finding balance with a significant other looks like playing on a seesaw. For instance, maybe you need to find balance when it comes to household chores. You can’t stand cleaning the bathroom… but neither can your partner. Just one of you always cleaning the bathroom isn’t the solution, so being balanced would mean taking turns.


Sometimes finding balance requires sacrificing. Imagine a scale, with metal weights on both sides. If one scale tips a certain direction, then you should probably move one of the weights to the side that is up in the air.

If you don’t feel balance in your relationship, it might be because one of you feels like something isn’t fair. Maybe you and your partner watch your favorite show more, or vice versa. To find balance, it might mean one of you watches the show of your preference a little less.

Go slow

When you are first learning to ride a bike, going too fast right away would mean falling over. While you’ll eventually be able to pick up speed, pedaling too fast at the beginning will end up with a skinned knee, or worse.

Finding balance in your relationship takes time. You can’t rush into something and expect to be able to find the balance that you need for both of you to be happy. Additionally, that balance might change over time, based on what you are used to, and how your needs change.


If you’ve ever seen a tightrope walker, you may have seen them holding a long pole to help them stay balanced. The walker used this pole to communicate their left side with their right side better. If their left side was tilting to the left, then they pushed the pole to the right. When you find balance with your partner, make sure both sides (both people) are talking.

If you feel stressed because you are taking on too much in the relationship, not saying something will result in you, and maybe your relationship, falling. If you talk to your partner, you can find balance, which might mean them taking on more in order to help you out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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