Seasons of a Relationship

We all experience the seasons, whether we think about them or not. But even if you don’t consciously acknowledge the changing of the air and precipitation, you wear different clothes based on how it feels outside, or turn on the heat, or turn on the air conditioning.

Partnering with a matchmaker often sparks a change in your life in the form of a relationship. While every relationship has a journey, that journey is not linear. Like anything, that relationship is going to progress in a cycle. There will be ups and downs and steps backward. Sometimes, it will feel like the cycle of the season.

Heat of summer

We all probably have experienced the heat of a relationship, often at the beginning. Just like summer comes once a year, most relationships have phases where you can’t keep your hands off of each other. It’s a fun time, of course, but like the summer, it sometimes comes to an end.

Just because summer ends doesn’t mean you won’t feel warmth anymore. People adapt. You learn how to find that spiciness and bring it back to your relationship. Maybe that means shaking things up, or getting creative. Because you know what? The summer will return.

Changing colors of autumn

As much as you may not want to admit it when you first partner with a matchmaker, you may not think about the fact that the colors of your relationship will change. Especially during a honeymoon phase, you’ll want to stay in that summer phase. But change is inevitable, like it or not.

So, when that change happens, don’t think about the fact that the autumn is different from that summer you loved. Learn to appreciate the way your relationship changes, just like you might learn to love the changing leaves. Be okay with and learn to appreciate how things are different.

Coldness of winter

Of course, no one wants to think about the rough times in a relationship, but they will happen. There will be fights or disagreements. There will be loss. Trying to hide from it won’t make it go away. So, learn to adapt to it.

Embracing the change will help you get through the seasons, even the hardest ones like winter. And how do you survive winter? With warmth, and you can find that warmth often through someone else. That’s the beauty of having a partner. You can come together and feed off of each other’s warmth. And like summer and fall, the winter will end.

New life of spring

When you make it through all seasons – be it the heat of the honeymoon phase, the changes that may surprise, or the utter coldness of winter – you will eventually get to spring. For your relationship, that might mean a chance to start over, or maybe even clean out all the junk that was holding you and your partner down.

No matter how solid your relationship is, there will be changes in your relationship, and it’s important to remember that it’s normal. If you treat the changes like you treat the seasons, then you just might get through them!

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