Connection is a broad term. People make business connections to help grow their careers, and puzzlers connect pieces together to create beautiful images that show their accomplishments. When the power goes out, it’s often because of a bad connection somewhere along the line. So, as you probably know, connection is incredibly important! 

Connection is important with anyone you meet, whether that’s someone at work, one of your friends, or your significant other. While the importance and concepts of connection are similar in any relationship, the connection you have with your romantic partner will be different than it is with most people… in many ways!

Initial connection

Your initial connection with your romantic partner is probably the most important because, without it, there is no romantic partner! It is the spark that leads to a flame, or the switch that turns on a light. But how do you find that first connection?

Sometimes, that first connection you have with someone happens randomly, or out of the blue. It can happen when you’re not looking for it. But that connection also comes along when you pursue it, too, such as when you partner with a matchmaker. What’s important is that the initial connection is organic and that it doesn’t happen because you’ve forced it. When it happens, you’ll know it.

Physical connection

Of course, being in a relationship is not just about the shallow connection you have with someone – but that doesn’t mean the physical attraction doesn’t matter. That’s part of having a romantic connection, and it often leads to other kinds of connections.

Your physical attributes, and a potential partner’s physical attributes, can help lead to the deeper connection that makes a romantic relationship. Looking into someone’s eyes, for instance, can help you understand their emotions, and thus, who they are and what they desire. Holding someone’s hand helps you get in sync with them. Some forms of connection are connected to other forms.

Mental connection

Mental connection may sound like a weird sci-fi term. You can mentally connect to things like your interests, hobbies, or shows you enjoy. A mental connection can also involve lining up with a significant other.

Maybe the two of you align when it comes to your goals for the future, or where you want to live, or how you want to live. Whatever that connection is, your mental connection can help lead to the strongest connection of all.

Emotional connection

This is probably the strongest type of connection there is – stronger than super glow, or even the strongest chain. An emotional connection with someone, be they friends, family, or significant other, is powerful. It’s hard to break a real one, which is why they are so important in romantic relationships.

Nurture these emotional connections. While they are strong, their strength doesn’t mean they can be ignored. It means they are powerful beasts, forces of nature that must be heeded. Embrace the connections in your life, and remember how crucial they are to your, and your relationship’s, existence.

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