Mine, yours, or ours?

When you make a significant step with your partner, like moving in together or buying a home, there are sometimes issues that arise when it comes to combining all of your things together. When you are combining homes, you may find that 1 + 1 does not equal 1… meaning not all of your things will fit into one place!

A matchmaker doesn’t match your things together – just you. So, what’s the right way to go about all your things? A moving company typically won’t do this for you, so maybe this blog post can help you figure out the best way to deal with all of that stuff!

Let go

Sometimes, the best thing to do comes down to letting go. Do you have a couch that fits in your old place, but won’t go into the new home you’re sharing with your partner? Is your partner’s bed better than yours? If any of these are true, it may be time to let go of these things.

It might feel hard, but ultimately, it could end up being the best option for you. Yes, you are letting go of your past, and the things that made up your home. But you are making a new one!


While letting go of your things is an option, with some things, it may be more complicated than that. For example, your partner may have a clock that they have hanging in their bedroom when they live alone. If you don’t listen to them talk about it, you may not learn that this clock is not just a clock, but a valuable family heirloom.

When it comes to things, and figuring out what will make it to your new house, make sure you’re aware of what these things mean to your partner.

Make compromises

So, your partner may want to take that clock to the new house… but you can’t stand it. You may find that as it ticks, the sound rattles around in your brain, making it impossible for you to sleep. That can be a tough situation, considering that both of you have strong feelings about the clock.

Don’t worry, though, because it’s possible to make a compromise! Knowing that your partner loves this clock, but also knowing that you can’t sleep with the sound, one compromise could be keeping the clock somewhere that it won’t bother you while you sleep, like the living room or dining room.

Remember what matters

While things do have value, yes, there is something more important than all of these things: your relationship with your partner. Building a home is not about the stuff in it, but about the people who share it. If you need to get rid of things to make space, then get rid of those things.

You will get more things… or maybe come to realize that you don’t need things to be happy. Focus on creating a space – both physical and emotional – that makes both of you happy.

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