Bad Days

Unfortunately, we all have them… bad days. Even the sunniest of skies can be marred by a storm cloud. You can lose your luggage even after you’ve planned your vacation meticulously for months. And even the happiest couples in the world – the Prince Charming and Cinderella types – have bad days.

Having a bad day with your significant other does not mean there is something wrong with your partner, or you. It does not mean there is something wrong with your relationship. Bad days are a part of life, so instead of trying to avoid them – learn how to deal with them.

Bad days mean you’re real

You probably aren’t thinking about the bad days when you contact a matchmaker to help you find the love of your life. You’re thinking about all the good times you will have with your future partner – the romantic walks on the beach, the vacations that take you around the world, and the passionate moments at the bottom of a waterfall.

If you didn’t have bad days, you wouldn’t be real. Anyone who tells you they don’t have bad days – that they don’t get sand in their shoes, or get lost in a new place, or get water in their nose – are lying. Bad days can remind you that you are a real person.

Bad days inform on the good ones

You will have bad days with your partner – that’s a fact. You will say the wrong thing, or they will say the wrong thing. You will be mad at each other, or you will get in a fight. Instead of letting a bad day get you down, though, use the bad day to help you remember what’s good about your relationship.

After all, dark clouds help you remember how much you love the sunshine, and a grumbling stomach can help you appreciate how much you love the taste of your favorite meal.

Bad days can help you grow

You can learn from the unfortunate things that happen to you. If you have a negative reaction to something, you can reflect later and learn how to react better next time.

If you and your partner have a bad day together, don’t think of it as a blemish on an otherwise solid relationship. It might be painful, but think of it as a workout session. Maybe you got under each other’s skin, so learn how you can avoid it next time. Turn that bad day into a great (or even greater) relationship.

Bad days are temporary

This probably isn’t news to you, but it might help for you to hear it: the sun will set, and it will rise again. The sun will set on the days that stress you out, and it will rise again, giving you a chance to improve on your relationship.

A day does not define a relationship, just like your words do not define who you are as a person, or mistakes do not define an entire existence.

Let bad days be just that: bad days.

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