How to plan

Everyone plans and approaches planning in different ways. Some people like to plan ahead of time, with even the tiniest of details figured out. Some people love just going with the flow. When it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong way to plan.

What matters is how you approach planning with your significant other. When you have a significant other, that sometimes means you need to consider two people in your plans. While partnering with a matchmaker helps you find happiness with that special someone, it also means you will have someone else in your life to consider your plans.

Plan your day

When you’re single, you can choose whatever you want when it comes to your daily life. Wake up at 6am or 10am, go to bed at 10pm or 2am. Eat cheese and crackers for dinner, or order pizza. That changes with a significant other, though.

When you live with someone else, there’s a lot more you have to consider, even with the small day-to-day things. They might need to go earlier than you to get up at a certain time, and they may have different food preferences from you. You’ll have to plan differently.

Plan your week

Living with your partner doesn’t mean you need to change your friends and who you spend time with. You should never feel like that needs to change just because of someone else. What may change, though, is the timing for things. You may have already planned something with your partner, which means you’ll have to consider that when planning with your friends.

Having a partner doesn’t mean you should feel stifled by them. If that is how you feel, then there’s a bigger issue at play. It just means that you will have a few more things to consider when planning out a week!

Plan your year

Planning out your year can actually be more exciting when you have someone to plan it with. Where are you going to go on vacation? How are you going to spend the holiday? Whose family will you be seeing at Christmastime? While it can be fun, keep in mind that it may also mean a little more stress.

With a couple, there are now two families you have to consider, and sometimes that means two different sides of the country or even world. Be understanding of each other when you plan, and you’ll have a blast!

Plan your life

Planning your life may seem like a lot whether you’re in a relationship or not. How are you supposed to know what to do? There will be things that happen that you can’t predict, so what’s the point in planning? What if you don’t achieve your dreams? All valid questions – and having a partner can help alleviate the stress that comes with this.

Talk to each other about what you foresee happening. Talk about your dreams, but also about your fears. Having someone else to listen and who cares can help you navigate the messiness that comes with planning!