Building Trust

You probably know that trust is crucial in a relationship – and not just romantic ones! Kids trust their parents to protect them, and employees trust their bosses to pay them regularly. If trust is broken, then a child will grow up with significant social issues. If a worker isn’t paid, it’s unlikely they’ll stick around.

Even just one moment can ruin your trust with someone – which is why trust is so important. But how do you build it in the first place?

Prove it

To build trust with a partner, you can’t just tell them they can trust you. It’s not, after all, something you build with words, but with actions. Trust is like a piece of furniture. The words in your manual will help, but you have to actually turn the screws and put the pieces together to make your chair.

You can tell your partner, “Trust me,” but you need to also prove that they can trust you, just like a matchmaker may prove their track record over multiple years. So, prove yourself through actions!

Trust yourself

While trust in your partner is important, you need to be able to trust yourself, too. Trust that you will be able to take care of them, support them, and give them what they need to make your relationship work. If you don’t trust yourself, then you may give up on trying to be a partner to someone.

Believing that you have what it takes to be a partner means that you won’t be too afraid to take the huge responsibility of being part of a unit. When you trust yourself, you give your partner the gift of having someone who is willing to take risks – for them and for your relationship!


If you want someone to trust you, one way to do that is to show that you trust them, too. Want someone to feel comfortable enough to tell you what’s bothering them. Well, do the same with them!

It’s not always easy. Sometimes, it’s hard to open up, to be vulnerable. That’s part of being in a relationship though, isn’t it? You have to be willing to do the things that are uncomfortable.

So, if you want your partner to be able to talk to you, create a space where talking is the norm. Talk about your bad days at work – but also the good days you have. The more you do it, the more natural it will be, and the more you and your partner will be able to trust each other.

Accept mistakes

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to make a mistake on purpose (though if it’s on purpose, it’s not really a mistake, is it?). Being okay with mistakes doesn’t mean you give up. It just means you acknowledge that you won’t be perfect.

Focusing too much on perfection means you will always fail – because no one is perfect, as we all know. If you and your partner trust each other – while knowing that sometimes you both will mess up – then you will be able to get through even the most difficult situations.

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