Learning in your Relationship

“Learning” doesn’t always sound fun, does it? Learning is for school, or for training at your job, or for little kids still figuring out how to talk and walk. Why should you still be learning when you’re an adult? Haven’t you learned everything you need to know by now?

Well, no. As any good matchmaker will tell you, there’s always something new to learn – whether that’s about other people, about the world, or about what brings people together.

You and your partner will always have something to learn about each other. And learning doesn’t have to be boring – it can help you make your love grow!

Learn about your partner

Even if you spend every waking minute with your significant other, there will always be something new to learn. After all, your partner is so much more than their relationship with you. They spent (presumably) decades as a human being before ever meeting you. There’s always something new about their past or about their internal selves that you can learn to understand.

People change, too! Even if you do know everything about them, you will never be able to anticipate every single change that occurs. We can’t anticipate changes in our own lives, so of course you will gain more understanding about your partner! While change can be scary, get to appreciate the new things you’ll discover.

Learn about yourself

You are a mystery – yes, even to yourself. Have you ever had a reaction to something that surprised even you? Did you ever discover a talent that you didn’t know you had? Well, having a partner can help you learn some of those things! 

They can tell you about a side of yourself that you didn’t know about, or bring something out of you that you typically wouldn’t share. Your partner can help you become a better you – and understand about who you are along the


Learn about your relationship

While you’re gaining understanding about both yourself and your partner, you can also learn about the relationship that you form! While this sounds redundant, it’s not just about learning who the two of you are. Your relationship often becomes more than just two people – you shape each other, so your relationship can often become its own organism, greater than the sum of its parts.

The home you build, or the relationships you form, or the inside jokes you create together are unique to the two of you. When you learn to appreciate what it is you’ll have, you’ll learn to appreciate your partner – and yourself – better!

Learn about the world

Being in a relationship can take you places. This isn’t just because you can go on vacation with them, or move to a different place with them. It’s also because your partner can open you up to things you’ve never experienced – and vice versa.

Being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean that everything you learn is about you or your partner. Being in a relationship can help you thrive, grow, and learn in this vast world!

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