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Matchmaker is like a Wingman

2 Ways that Having a Matchmaker is like Having a Wingman, and 2 Ways it’s Different.

Wingmen have been around as long as there have been men and wings. This is because they are fueled by a need that is as old as time itself: romance. Wingmen – and wingwomen and wingpeople – guide you on your quest to seduction.

The nature of wingpeople has changed a lot over the years. While they began with God himself, who assisted Adam by creating the one and only Eve, they became the most prevalent in bars. With the advent of matchmakers like Beau Brummell Introductions, however, the concept of “wingperson” has adapted drastically.

Like a wingperson, a matchmaker lets your best qualities shine…

Imagine the person in your life who absolutely raves about you. It could be your best friend from college, your roommate, or even your mother. All of these people are potential wingpeople – as they know where your cutest dimple is or how good you are at singing in the shower – though, admittedly, you might not want to have your mom vouching for you at the bar.

A matchmaker is like that wingperson. After a detailed survey and talking to you on the phone, a matchmaker like Beau Brummell Introductions has experience in learning about their client’s best qualities. This allows them to find you the best person to match with as you shine as bright as the bar lights at closing time

but a matchmaker will never lie!

While you appreciate your mother’s or college roommate’s willingness to tell random guys at the bar how great you are, it’s not always the most helpful. Sure, that cute guy might be impressed about the fact that you got first place in a chess competition when you were in third grade, but your mom’s tendency to exaggerate complicates it. Turns out, you only got fifth place in the competition – and now you’re being dishonest about yourself just to meet someone!

Beau Brummell Introductions will never lie about who you are to get you a match. This is because we don’t have to! We know about connecting people, so we rely on the facts to find you that special someone, not on made up stories. Besides, we’re not looking for someone to buy you a drink or go home with for a night – we want to help you find the real thing. Honesty is how we do that

A matchmaker is dedicated to helping you…

There’s an unspoken honor when it comes to being a wingwoman. Wingwomen are your right hand, your second in command, or your first mate. They fight for you at the front lines of romance, pushing through crowds – or even reality – to help you find that special someone. You can’t just pick anyone to be a wingwoman, though. This person needs to be passionate about you, and determined to help you find romance.

A matchmaker is just as passionate. After getting to know you, and getting to know what you want in a romance, Beau Brummell Introductions becomes your main fighter as soon as we meet you. Romance is our business, so finding you love is our goal.

but a matchmaker is not limited to a single bar!

While wingpeople are passionate about finding you love, in the end, they are just one person. Sure, they may do anything for your romance, but if they’re only limited to one bar, how much can they really do? Even if they are successful in getting someone to talk to you, there are so many other people out there in the world – how do you know they’ve found you the right one?

A matchmaker is different because we don’t have just a few dozen people at a bar to work with, but a list of hundreds of potential matches to look through. While a wingman just has what they can see to go off of, Beau Brummell Introductions has much more than that. We have personalities, interests, and stories to give us an insight into who might be the best one for you!

Wingmen are great. They are loyal, brave, and determined to find you love. But give them the night off – see how Beau Brummell Introductions can help you!

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