The Perfect Gift

Partners get each other gifts for a variety of reasons. There are holidays where gifts are the tradition, and birthdays, and holidays. You can get your partner a gift for no reason at all. When you partner with a matchmaker, an infinite amount of reasons to give gifts comes your way!

Finding the right gift can be hard, though! While there are more practical things you can buy someone, not everyone enjoys receiving mops or extension cords for their birthday. Clothes can be tricky too, as everyone has different tastes, and gift cards can be not-so-fun. So, what do you give?


Something homemade

If you can’t think of something to buy your significant other, maybe money isn’t the answer at all. We all have some sort of skill, whether that’s drawing, or knitting, or woodworking. You could use your skill to create something that your partner can admire forever!

Whether it’s a picture for the wall, a scarf, or a new bedside table, homemade gifts can mean more than store-bought ones. Store-bought gifts may take a few minutes to get, but a homemade gift shows effort. It shows that you care enough about your partner to spend time on making them a gift.



If you don’t have creative skills of your own, a piece of art as a gift could be a great way to get something that is both personal and memorable. While art comes in all forms, think about giving art that is locally bought, or maybe of something that evokes a memory, inside joke, or connection between you and your partner. A painting of that beach you both loved, something that makes your significant other laugh, or an image that evokes your partner’s hobby are all great options for an amazing gift.


A moment

Not all gifts need to be things. What do you think of when you think of your significant other, after all? It’s probably not an article of clothing, or an accessory, or an appliance. It’s probably their smile, or their laugh, or something reminiscent of the things you’ve done together.

Give the gift of time. Make their favorite meal and watch their favorite movie, or set up a room in your house for a relaxing evening. Even a small moment could make your partner happy for years to come.


An adventure

An adventure is just like a moment… but on a much grander scale. While a good can take you across the country or even across the world, it doesn’t have to be a lavish vacation to feel adventurous. An adventure could simply mean going to a new restaurant, or going on a new hike in the wilderness near your home, or traveling to a city you haven’t gotten to explore yet.

Your whole life is an adventure – think of what makes your partner happy, and don’t be afraid to get creative. In the end, the best gift is the one that you put your time into thinking about… so get thinking!