Strength through Togetherness

Sometimes, when we think about strength, we think about the massive bodybuilders or muscular superheroes who can accomplish impressive feats of skill on their own. But it’s important to remember that being strong is not always about what you can accomplish as an individual.

Even the strongest superheroes, like Superman and Iron Man, have relied on teams like the Justice League and the Avengers to defeat their most terrible foes. For you and your significant other, strength can mean helping each other get through difficult situations.


Share struggles

It can be difficult to admit to anyone, even your partner, that you are going through hard times. Doing so may feel like you need help, or make you appear weak. But the purpose of a relationship, even if you don’t tell a matchmaker this, is to have someone else with you on your journey – the good and the bad.

So, sometimes, that possibly means letting your partner know about your struggles. If your partner was overloaded with a box that was too heavy, wouldn’t you want them to let you know so that you could help them carry it?


Carry burdens

Speaking of carrying, you might occasionally face a circumstance where helping your significant other isn’t the best course of action, but taking on that burden yourself is the way to go. Hopefully, if and when the situation is reversed, your partner will be able to do the same for you.

While it may not be sustainable in the long run, carrying a significant other’s burdens can be something small. Maybe you cook and do the dishes for your partner after they’ve had a long day at work. It might seem small to you, but to them it may mean the world.


Distract from hardship

Have you ever tried, after being in a difficult situation, turning on a movie or playing video games to distract yourself from what’s going on around you? While always trying to distract yourself won’t be helpful in the long run, some distractions can help you through challenging times.

A partner can also be that – a distraction – for a significant other. Maybe having someone to talk to is how you get through tough times. Maybe someone to laugh with lets you forget about the things that are stressing you out.


Be a lookout

Every good adventurer needs a good pair of eyes. Not only does this let you see where you are going, but it lets you see what you may need to avoid.

A partner can be a lookout because sometimes they can see things that you can’t. They might have a different angle, or may not be as biased as you. Whatever their role, a significant other can help spot triggering and harmful things that may rear their ugly heads.

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