Work, Life, Love Balance

You’ve probably heard this term before: work / life balance. It refers to the amount of time you work in relation to the amount of time you don’t work. A good work / life balance means you have time for a fulfilling life: time to be social, time to eat, and time to relax and have fun.

When you have a significant other or partner, a work / life balance becomes very important. A relationship requires time and effort, so too much time at work can make it difficult to maintain that relationship. So, recognize how work plays a role in your relationship.


Of course, no one would tell you not to work at all so you can spend time with your partner. You need money and resources to live your life with your partner. You need money to ensure that you have enough to take care of yourselves.

Money is not the only type of need, though. If you partner with a matchmaker, you will probably bring up the kind of relationship you want at some point. At this time, it’s important to mention if you would be comfortable being with someone who works all the time. That will end up playing a huge role in your relationship.


A work life balance is not something you can just guess about. Additionally, don’t just try to figure it out as you go along. How much time you spend at work and how much you spend time at home is something you should communicate about.

Your partner might have a different view of work / life that you do. Maybe they work much, much more than you, or maybe they like minimal work and lots and lots of play. Communicate, and figure out what works best for you – for the both of you!


Sometimes, a work / life balance is hard to figure out. Because of financial reasons, you might be required to work long hours. Occasionally it’s unavoidable, so if that’s the case for you, think of ways that you can get creative with your schedule to ensure you are giving proper time to your relationship.

Maybe you take the late shift so you can be home with your partner who works in the morning. Maybe you work weekends because your partner does as well, allowing you both to have off together during the week. Or maybe you bring your partner lunch while they’re at work.


If you have a demanding job, hopefully you have the flexibility to take time off. What works best for you? Do you and your partner need a week or a few weeks out of the year to go on vacation together, or perhaps one day off a month?

We all need sick or vacation days to take a break from a demanding job, but even if your job isn’t demanding your relationship might need you to devote some time away from your career. If you can, use those days to work on the life you have with your significant other!

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