On the move

Part of everyday life involves movement. You can’t exist without having to move around. Getting up in the morning, walking down the stairs, and opening the fridge all require movement.

Meeting and building a life with your significant other requires movement as well! After you partner with a matchmaker, and you select a potential match to go on a date with, you’ll have to move yourself to get to them. Maybe you move closer, but that is not the last time you will be moving!

So, think about the ways in which movement can help improve your relationship.



Being physically healthy requires movement of some kind. Maybe that’s lifting weights, or going on a run, or going on a walk. While exercise can be an individual activity, it doesn’t have to be! You and your partner can be healthy together by getting out of the house, or hopping on the treadmill, and moving with each other! 

Working out together won’t just be fun, but it can help you encourage one another to be healthy. It’s easier to be motivated to go on a walk when you have someone relying on you to be their walking buddy!



Physical healthiness is not the only type of health that movement can help with. Going outside and moving also helps with mental health. Being out in nature, or at least outside, can help you clear your head after a long day stuck inside doing work.

Stress can make relationships harder, even when that stress is not caused by the relationship. Taking the chance to get out (or stay in, if you have exercise equipment at home) and move is a great way for the two of you to relieve stress – and you can relieve it together.



In one of the previous newsletters, we talked about love languages. One of those love languages was quality time. While quality time can be in a fancy restaurant, or at a coffee shop, or on a luxurious vacation, you can also have quality time just by going on a walk!

Walking is a great way to spend quality time together because it gives you a chance to talk, while also giving you something to do. While it may seem minimal, moving together can give you a few precious minutes to forget about everything else going on in your worlds so that you can focus on one another.



When you go out and move, you’re not just working your bones and muscles, you’re also giving your eyes, ears, and noses an experience. You’re getting the chance to explore, making your world just a little richer.

Think about getting out of the house as a chance to look at artwork, or enjoy a show together – without the expensive tickets or requirement to stay quiet. If you take the time to explore together, you might just find you and your partner growing closer together.

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