Working together

It’s cliché, but it’s true: teamwork really does make the dream work. Now, that dream could mean a successful sales quarter, a good grade, a championship trophy… or a happy romance. You might not think about being in a relationship like being on a team, but in many ways, you and your partner are just like two football players running down the field, facing all of life’s obstacles together.

So that makes a matchmaker a coach – someone who learns all about you and uses their expertise to make sure that you and your “teammate” succeed. While a good coach is dedicated, at the end of the day, it’s you and your partner who will have to put in the work.

What to work on

When you work together in a relationship, that could be on all kinds of things. You might build a cabinet together, or pick out new curtains for the living room. Maybe you’re planning a party. Whatever it is, it is all working toward one thing: the relationship.

That’s a pretty vague phrase, working on the relationship. How do you work on something you can’t see, or hold, or feel? Well, you can see, and hold, and feel your partner. So, work on how you feel every day, ensuring that both of you are happy in the relationship.

Build a strong foundation

Working together in life is impossible if you don’t start from a solid place. Just like you wouldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) build a house on a swamp, or start cooking if you didn’t have the utensils you needed, a good relationship needs two people who are dedicated and know each other well.

Make sure you have a solid start by beginning in an honest place. View your partner and yourself as human beings with needs and wants. When you recognize this, you will be able to approach your relationship as a team, as two people fighting for a shared trophy.

Know your skills

Even if you have a strong connection with someone, the two of you are going to be different. That’s okay, though. In fact, that may be preferable. It would be boring if you and your partner were exactly the same.

Recognize those differences and recognize what the two of you are good at. One might be more organized, which means that person can take more of the responsibility when it comes to planning. If one of you is better at handiwork, that person can be the “fixer.” If you know your skills, you’ll be able to work together to ensure things run smoothly.

Communicate and anticipate

Communicate all of the things mentioned above, so that you can learn from each other. The more you communicate, the more you will learn about each other, and the stronger your relationship will become.

This is because as you learn, you will better understand your partner and how they react to things. When you know your teammate well, you will be able to thrive without having to constantly be making plays. It doesn’t mean you won’t need to communicate anymore, but it will make things easier.

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